Used KIKUSUI PAS80-13.5 #9163974 for sale

ID: 9163974
DC Power supplies Voltage: 80V Current: 13.5A.
KIKUSUI PAS80-13.5 is a 13.5V single-output, 1.3A DC regulated power supply designed with high quality components to provide reliable power for demanding medical, laboratory, and industrial applications. Its compact, all-metal enclosure is protected by a rugged insulated wire cover for added safety and protection against the elements. The adjustable constant-voltage feature of KIKUSUI PAS80-13.5 ensures accuracy and stability of output voltage. An illuminated on/off switch ensures easy operation in low-light settings. KIKUSUI PAS80-13.5 is designed to meet both UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) safety standards. It has a built-in overload protection that guards against short-circuits and overvoltages for greater safety. It also has an inrush current limiter feature that helps protect against more extreme current and voltage disturbances. KIKUSUI PAS80-13.5 features tri-state overvoltage protection (OTT), which helps minimize the risk of catastrophic damage from accidental overvoltages. It also has a foldback-current-limited output stage that helps protect against short-circuit risks. Thermal protection is also built-in, reducing the risk of component damage from excessive heat. KIKUSUI PAS80-13.5 features a fast transient response, so it can quickly adapt to varying input and output conditions. Efficiency, too, is at the forefront of KIKUSUI PAS80-13.5's design. The power supply operates with a high efficiency rate of 78% so it can dissipate less heat and power consumption for applications with low-current requirements. The switcher-type power supply also has a low output ripple circuit, minimizing electrical noise and other disturbances. For added convenience, KIKUSUI PAS80-13.5 is equipped with several signal connections. Remote sense terminals can be used to ensure that the actual output voltage reaches the output terminals after adjustments are made at the power supply. An external voltage adjustment terminal can be used for manual adjustment of the output voltage setting. KIKUSUI PAS80-13.5 also features noise-reduction measures that reduce common-mode and differential-mode noise levels to ensure improved system reliability. The power supply is also FCC approved for use in residential and commercial installations, so it can be used with confidence in these environments. In conclusion, KIKUSUI PAS80-13.5 is a reliable 13.5V power supply that meets UL and CSA safety standards and is equipped with various safety and efficiency features. Its inrush current limiting, thermal protection, OTT safety, and noise reduction features ensure system reliability as well as improved protection and efficiency. The built-in remote sense terminals and external voltage adjustment terminals add convenience and ensure the output voltage is adjusted accurately after adjustments have been made at the power supply.
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