Used KIKUSUI PAT500-16T #9168070 for sale

ID: 9168070
DC Power supplies Option: AC8-4P4M-M6C.
KIKUSUI PAT500-16T is an ultra-high voltage programmable AC power source ideal for the testing of high-voltage components under realistic and extreme operating conditions. PAT500-16T is equipped with two 8 kV and 16 kV independent isolated outputs, allowing two different circuits with different voltage levels to be tested simultaneously. The anti-interference performance of this power supply is excellent due to the implementation of the MKIS (Multi-Kilo-Hertz Isolation System) technology. The safety of the unit is also increased with the built-in surge protection circuit, which works to limit inrush current and surges from external sources, making it safe to operate. KIKUSUI PAT500-16T makes high-voltage testing much easier with the integrated digital display, which allows the user to precisely set the output voltage at the desired value. An adjustable setting range of 4V to 16 kV provides the optimal solution for a wide variety of testing needs. In addition, the regulated voltage tracks the high-frequency characteristics of the power supply to maintain the desired output voltage. This ensures that the output voltage is held stable and is very helpful when working with sensitive components. PAT500-16T boasts an impressive 0.002% voltage accuracy and 40-microsecond response time from zero to maximum output. These precise characteristics ensure the power supply operates under very precise conditions and accurately emulate real-world conditions. KIKUSUI PAT500-16T is designed to last many years as it is built with a rugged enclosure and reliable components, making it one of the toughest and most reliable AC power sources on the market. Protection, such as overload, over-temperature, and output short-circuit protection ensure the unit remains reliable. Overall, PAT500-16T is an excellent AC power source solution for the testing of high-voltage components under high accuracy, precision, and extreme conditions. With its precise voltage accuracy, fast response time, and rugged design, KIKUSUI PAT500-16T is an ideal choice for those needing an accurate and reliable high-voltage power supply.
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