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PCZ 1000A
ID: 9163972
Electronic loads.
KIKUSUI PCZ 1000A is a high-performance power supply designed for use in multiple types of testing and laboratory applications. It provides up to 1000 Amps of constant current and can be connected directly to the load, allowing for quick, safe measurements and adjustments without any additional equipment. With its adjustable output voltage control, it can also be used for power source applications. The PCZ is designed with user safety in mind, and includes an assortment of protection features to ensure safe operation. PCZ 1000A has a robust design that provides reliable operation. With its robust digital control logic, it can provide a stable output even in the presence of wide temperature variations. The power supply also features a bright LCD display that provides real-time information on voltage, current, power, and time. This allows you to keep an eye on the device's parameters and adjust if necessary. KIKUSUI PCZ 1000A also features an advanced design that allows for high-speed regulation of output voltage. This feature ensures that the output voltage remains stable even when the load increases abruptly. It also has an overload protection feature that prevents the power supply from exceeding its voltage limits when a sudden load is applied. In addition, PCZ 1000A is designed with a fail-safe feature, which disconnects the power supply from the load if the input power is lost. This prevents damage to the load in the event of a power outage. The easy-to-access switches on the device's front panel enable users to quickly switch between a continuous operation and a standby mode. KIKUSUI PCZ 1000A is a highly reliable power supply with a variety of features designed for use in a variety of applications. It offers a stable, high-power output with user safety in mind, along with great precision and high-speed control. Its protection features ensure safe operation and prevent damage to the load in the event of a power loss. With its robust design and easy-to-use user interface, PCZ 1000A is a great choice for any laboratory or testing environment.
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