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ID: 9168071
Power supplies.
KIKUSUI PIA4810 is a high-performance AC-DC power supply system from KIKUSUI, designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users requiring precise and reliable power solutions. PIA4810 is a 1U high power supply offering 48 V DC, 10 A outputs with a maximum output power of 480 W. It is a single-output unit and comes with an accessories package containing a power cord, AC adapter and various power cables. KIKUSUI PIA4810 is designed with functionality and ease of use in mind, offering a wide range of features to enable users to get the most out of their power solutions. It offers a line regulation range of 0.02% to 0.2% and a load regulation range of 0.04% to 0.14%. Furthermore, it features over-voltage and under-voltage detection protection, and over-heat protection for increased safety. PIA4810 utilizes a digitally controlled (proportional-integral-derivative, PID) closed-loop system, to ensure stable power delivery. It has an excellent transient response, offering a recovery time-of 0.3ms. KIKUSUI PIA4810 also features an LCD display that provides users with useful information regarding the output voltage, current, power and more. PIA4810 offers a variety of connection options, such as screw terminal, SMA connector and even banana jack. It is powered by an input voltage range of 90 - 264 VAC, a frequency of 50/60 Hz, and a maximum efficiency of 92%. The nine layers of EMC/EMI shielding ensures KIKUSUI PIA4810 works in a variety of environments with minimal interference. It operates within a temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius and within a relative humidity range of up to 90%. PIA4810 is an ideal choice for multiple applications requiring high-efficiency and reliable power solutions. Its features make KIKUSUI PIA4810 an ideal choice for systems that demand efficacy and reliability.
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