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PLZ 1003WH
ID: 9170177
Electronic load.
KIKUSUI PLZ 1003WH is high-performance linear programmable DC power supplies that meet the requirements of research and development and production line applications. It is one of the most advanced series of DC power supplies ever produced by KIKUSUI, featuring an intuitive color graphical LCD touch screen. It supports variable voltage, variable current as well as remote control and monitoring capabilities. PLZ 1003WH features a triple output of 0-30V, 0-3A and 0-10A. It is capable of providing up to 200W of power. The linear adjustable regulation allows for precise output voltage and current setting. It can also be used in series and parallel configuration. The built-in memory stores up to 100 types of power supply settings for future reference. KIKUSUI power supply also features various protection functions including over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-temperature protection. It also comes pre-calibrated for maximum accuracy. A built-in Ethernet port allows for remote control and monitoring, which is compatible with various computer operating systems and web browsers. KIKUSUI PLZ 1003WH is designed to work reliably under high-frequency, heavy-load applications. It is also packed with features such as high resolution for voltage and current setting, and precise timing process limit settings. This DC power supply also has an efficient cooling system to dissipate heat as quickly as possible for optimal performance and safety. In addition, PLZ 1003WH power supply has a modular structure which simplifies user system maintenance. It comes with two analog monitor outputs, allowing users to monitor their system's performance in real-time. Lastly, it is equipped with various safety standards to ensure secure operation, such as UL61010A-1, EN61326, CE, and RoHS. Overall, KIKUSUI PLZ 1003WH is a powerful, reliable, and user-friendly power supply solution that meets most industrial requirements. It is highly suitable for production line applications as well as laboratory experimentation. With its transformative power, it provides reliable and safe power to many different applications.
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