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PLZ 1004W
ID: 9163970
DC Electronic loads.
KIKUSUI PLZ 1004W is a power supply that provides regulated DC, AC, and Pulse outputs. With a high 300W rating, PLZ 1004W is suitable for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. KIKUSUI PLZ 1004W is both compact and lightweight and features a simple, easy to use design. It has a large LCD display that can display up to three parameters with nine digits of resolution. The user-friendly digital interface features a variable output function and can be used to store up to 16 user-defined settings. PLZ 1004W has a high power output rating of 300W, which can be used for a variety of applications. The output voltage range is 0V to 30V and current range is 0A to 10A. KIKUSUI PLZ 1004W is also equipped with a 0.01V ~ 50kHz oscillator that allows for a variety of pulse widths and frequencies, enabling users to produce a variety of waveforms for a variety of testing scenarios. PLZ 1004W also offers a number of safety features that protect the unit and other components from potential voltage and current peaks. The unit is protected from short circuits, overloads, and over temperature. The Pulse output features a slit slot peak pulse current limit which prevents short circuiting. The cooling fan used in KIKUSUI PLZ 1004W is designed to reduce electrical and acoustic noise when the unit is in operation. The fan speed can be adjusted to the desired level though the front panel LCD display. This ensures the power supply can remain in its operating range without producing excess noise, while still providing a high level of safety and performance. Overall, PLZ 1004W is a reliable power supply engineered to provide consistent and powerful power for a wide variety of applications. With its versatile digital input, multiple output selections and high 300W rating, KIKUSUI PLZ 1004W is an ideal choice for industrial and laboratory applications.
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