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PLZ 1004WH
ID: 9184497
DC Electronic loads.
KIKUSUI PLZ 1004WH is a versatile and reliable AC regulated programmable power supply suitable for use in a variety of applications. The device features four independent outputs with voltage ranges of 0-30V and 0-3A, making it suitable for use with a wide range of loads. It also boasts ±1V, ±2mV, ±0.02% voltage regulation and ±0.1%, ±2mV/mA current regulation, making it capable of precise and controlled output voltages and currents. PLZ 1004WH includes multiple built-in safety features, such as output short circuit protection, overload protection, and over voltage protection, ensuring the device is safe to operate. The user-interface makes it easy to configure the device with multiple programmable settings, including voltage, current, and output sequencing. Additionally, the device includes a standard RS232 interface, providing direct connection to a computer or other peripheral. KIKUSUI PLZ 1004WH is also equipped with a waveform generator, allowing users to emulate a wide range of signal waveforms, including triangular, sine, and square waveforms. Outputs can be set to either a single or dual waveform, with customizable period, duty cycle, amplitude, and other parameters. The device also includes a measurement input channel, which can be used to measure external AC or DC voltage, making PLZ 1004WH suitable for various applications such as simulation experiences, production testing, and academic research. The group function allows users to program and control multiple outputs simultaneously, changing the output parameters as needed in order to generate upto nine different waveforms at the same time. Additionally, KIKUSUI PLZ 1004WH features self-adaption and auto-tuning functions, allowing the device to adapt automatically to the given load. PLZ 1004WH is a rugged and reliable power supply which is suitable for a variety of research and testing applications. With its high voltage, current, and waveform precision, along with multiple safety features,programmability, and group setting capability, KIKUSUI PLZ 1004WH is an ideal power supply for laboratory and industrial use.
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