Used KIKUSUI PMC70-1A #9168073 for sale

ID: 9168073
DC Power supplies.
KIKUSUI PMC70-1A is a single-channel DC power supply system designed to provide high performance and reliable performance. It features exclusive temperature compensation technology to maintain stable voltage and current, reducing operation time by 36%. Its robust construction and superior cooling system ensures that it can handle long duration experiments. Its overall power specifications are two-stage regulation, maximum output up to 70 volts at 8 amperes, max ripple of up to 1mV rms and constant current up to 0.5%. The output terminal resistance is designed to be minimal to ensure that the output is not affected by the load conditions. The power supply also features an anti-surge circuit to prevent output overvoltage, allowing for longer periods of safe operation. PMC70-1A also provides a range of output protection features including over-current (OCP), over-voltage (OVP), over-temperature (OTP) and short-circuit (SCP). It has a maximum operating temperature of 0-40 degrees C and a wide input voltage of AC150V-AC250V. It is also equipped with a high-resolution LCD display to show the exact settings and current status of the voltage and current output. KIKUSUI PMC70-1A is equipped with a 4-pole mechanical relay for high-speed switching. It also has a convenient rear panel outlet which allows for easy and quick connection to the device under test. It also includes a timer mode that lets the user control the timing of the supplied voltage with greater precision. In terms of safety, PMC70-1A meets international safety standards including UL, CUL, EN 61010 and IEC62301-1. This power supply is also extremely easy to use with intuitive remote operated operation settings. Finally, a convenient carrying case allows for easy portability and storage. Overall, KIKUSUI PMC70-1A is an extremely reliable and easy to use power source ideal for long duration experiments. Its strong construction, temperature compensation technology, output protection features, and wide range of input and output capabilities make it an indispensable tool for researchers and engineers alike.
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