Used KIKUSUI PMP16-1QU #9163969 for sale

ID: 9163969
DC Power supplies Channel 1: 25V/3A Channel 2: 6V/2A Channel 3: -16V/-1A Channel 4: 16V/1A.
KIKUSUI PMP16-1QU is a highly reliable and accurate single output programmable power supply. This unit can provide up to 1600 watts of power, making it a great choice for a variety of applications requiring a high-power output. It features a precise voltage setting of 0.1V and a current setting of 0.001A. The user-friendly design allows for quick and easy programming of output settings to accommodate the needs of the application. PMP16-1QU also features short circuit protection, over voltage protection, and over temperature protection, making it an ideal choice for both commercial and industrial applications. KIKUSUI PMP16-1QU also has a built-in RS-232 interface, allowing it to connect seamlessly with monitoring and control systems. This feature makes PMP16-1QU an optimal choice for larger systems requiring a high-power output. Most impressively, KIKUSUI PMP16-1QU delivers an incredibly high power efficiency rating of more than 90%, allowing it to significantly reduce power consumption while still providing a reliable and powerful output. PMP16-1QU also contains an ultra-low ripple noise of less than 200μVrms, which provides superior power quality for extremely sensitive applications. Finally, KIKUSUI PMP16-1QU comes with a variety of safety certifications, including UL, TUV / GS, CCC and other certifications, making it an extremely safe and reliable option for commercial and industrial applications. All of these features make PMP16-1QU a great choice for any application requiring a high-power output with high power efficiency.
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