Used KIKUSUI PVS60-46 #9168086 for sale

ID: 9168086
Power supply (2) Tance screw set.
KIKUSUI PVS60-460 is a high power DC regulated power supply designed for professional industrial and laboratory applications. It provides flexible control with a wide range of output voltage, current, and power settings, ideal for supplying a variety of loads. It is a user-friendly unit which can be operated through its intuitive front panel or controlled remotely via software. KIKUSUI PVS60-46 features two channels, each capable of supplying up to 46V/60A. It includes standard overvoltage, overcurrent, and over-temperature protections, and can be used in parallel for higher current applications. The voltage output can be adjusted in the range of 0-500V and each channel can be individually programmed for current settings between 0-60A. A current ramp control is also provided for smooth start-up. The power supply can also be programmed with a wide variety of parameters, including a tracking mode, adjusting the output voltage as the load changes. It also offers dual monitor capability, allowing for simultaneous measurements of both channels from the front panel LCD display. Its built-in current limiter provides additional protection against overloads. PVS60-46 is built to be reliable and robust, with a wide operating temperature range, low noise level, and thermal overload protection. It has built-in DC, AC, and RF filtering to make sure that the power supply is compatible with most lab and industrial applications. Overall, KIKUSUI PVS60-46 is a reliable and high power DC regulated power supply, well suited for any professional industrial setting or laboratory applications. It offers a wide range of parameters for monitoring, controlling, and adjusting the output voltage and current, as well as a great set of protections for better reliability.
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