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ID: 9168087
DC Power supplies Options: OP01-PAS CH01-PWR 85-AA-005.
KIKUSUI PWR400L is a high performance AC power supply designed for a wide range of applications. The unit has a maximum output voltage of 400V and provides power from a wide variety of sources, including AC mains or three-phase line-to-line power. PWR400L is protected from overloads, shorts, and over-temperature by an active power factor correction (PFC) system, as well as multiple safety features. The device is also able to operate smoothly and reliably in the presence of large inrush currents. KIKUSUI PWR400L features an easy-to-operate front panel with a high-precision LED display for monitoring output voltage, current and other parameters. It can be adjusted quickly and precisely with its programmable control system and is equipped with software-controlled power switching to help prevent accidental power overlap, allowing it to safely supply multiple loads such as simulation equipment and test instruments. PWR400L is designed to be extremely reliable and safe for use, with numerous safety features such as output overvoltage protection, overload protection, and output short circuit protection. This makes the unit ideal for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Its compliance with UL safety regulations and RoHS standards ensures it is suitable for use in environments that require compliance with such safety and environmental regulations. In terms of power capabilities, KIKUSUI PWR400L is capable of providing a constant output power of up to 400 watts and a maximum output current of up to 24 A across its AC, three-phase and DC inputs. It is also designed for dynamic operation with low total harmonic distortion, to provide a consistent output waveform under varying input conditions. The power supply is further equipped with a frequency range adjustment knob to ensure PWR400L can output accurate, stable power from a wide frequency range of 45-65 Hz. The device is further equipped with an external isolated contact for remote ON/OFF control and provides RS232 and USB control for direct communication with computers, smart devices and other monitoring equipment. Its solid design and robust construction make it ideal for use in high temperature and humidity environments, and its low weight and small size make it highly portable and easy to handle. Overall, KIKUSUI PWR400L is a powerful, high performance AC power supply that is designed to provide safe, reliable power across a variety of applications. With its high power rating and wide compatibility range, PWR400L is a great choice for industrial, laboratory and other applications.
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