Used KIKUSUI PWX1500MH #9168090 for sale

ID: 9168090
AC Power cords.
KIKUSUI PWX1500MH is a premium grade triple output power supply designed for use in semiconductor, medical, research, and industrial applications. With its high accuracy, guaranteed safety, and durability, PWX1500MH is a reliable choice as a laboratory grade power supply. The power supply operates at up to 1500W of maximum power output, with a voltage range from 0V to 350V and a current range from 0A to 4.2A. It has adjustable output voltage and current settings, allowing customers to precisely adjust their output power to meet their application needs. For added stability and protection, KIKUSUI PWX1500MH also features a digital display for voltage and current readings, as well as over-voltage, over-current, and overload protections. The power supply is constructed of high quality components to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance. The stable output voltage and current is guaranteed by the use of accurate and stable voltage feedback and a self-test circuitry. Other features include a temperature compensated autocalibration for high accuracy over a wide temperature range, a built-in fan for cooling, and an isolation transformer to protect the user from any voltage spikes or dips. PWX1500MH is UL and CE certified, ensuring safety standards and reliability for all customers. In addition, the casing is designed to provide shockproof protection and to dissipate heat efficiently. It is RoHS compliant and meets EN61010 standards. Overall, KIKUSUI PWX1500H is a highly reliable and durable multi-output power supply offering maximum output power and precision for any application. With the added safety features and certified approved components, customers can be assured of a respected and powerful power supply.
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