Used KIKUSUI TOS6100 #9176945 for sale

ID: 9176945
AC Low ohm tester Option: LTP2.
KIKUSUI TOS6100 is a mid to high-end AC/DC power supply designed for general purpose applications and testing equipment. Featuring a double-range output, it can provide up to 4A of current at either 0-72V or 0-35V with a max. power up to 266W for 0-72V. The power supply also offers a comprehensive array of functions that include overvoltage protection, low-ripple, and high-stability. With its high-speed autoranging voltage and overvoltage functions, this device from KIKUSUI provides the reliability and precision needed for applications in power inverters, motor controls, and other high-end test equipment. TOS6100 utilizes a single 3-phase AC input and provides a durable low-ripple output due to its high-efficiency PFC and active zero-voltage switching. It is also integrated with overvoltage protection that can be set to as high as 17V. This feature increases the safety of the device as it prevents damage and malfunction due to voltage variation. The full-scale accuracy of this device is ± 0.05% and the load regulation is ± 0.04%. The ripple and noise are kept to a very low level as it is below 1mV and 5mV respectively for both 0-72V and 0-35V ranges. The stability of KIKUSUI TOS6100 is also very good and can maintain its ± 0.05% accuracy over a two-hour period. The power supply also features RS232 communication ports that allow easy setup and monitoring. The robust design of TOS6100 ensures it can be used in a variety of applications while still providing high-reliability and precision. This makes it an ideal choice for laboratory testing as well as general power supply needs. KIKUSUI TOS6100 comes with both a 6.5ft long detachable power cord and a 6.5 ft. long RS232 communications cable, making it an easy, convenient, and reliable power supply solution.
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