Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS (Pumps) for sale

LEYBOLD HERAEUS is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pumps, offering a range of products with advanced features and superior performance. Their pumps are widely recognized for their reliability, efficiency, and durability. With a reputation for excellence, LEYBOLD HERAEUS provides analogues that meet various pumping needs across different industries. One of their popular pump models is the D16B, a compact and robust diaphragm pump capable of handling challenging applications. It offers low noise operation, high pumping speed, and excellent ultimate vacuum. The D16B is often used in laboratories, research facilities, and industrial settings. Another model, the D40BCS, is a versatile rotary vane pump suitable for general vacuum applications. It delivers reliable performance, high pumping speed, and low vibration. The D40BCS is commonly employed in industries such as packaging, semiconductor manufacturing, and automotive. The D65BCS pump is a larger rotary vane pump designed for demanding vacuum applications. It offers high pumping speed, deep vacuum levels, and extended operational life. It is frequently used in applications requiring a strong vacuum, such as in pharmaceutical production, metallurgy, or chemical processing. LEYBOLD HERAEUS pumps stand out for their advanced technology, innovative design, and exceptional reliability. They are engineered to maximize efficiency, minimize noise, and provide superb vacuum performance. Whether for laboratory research, industrial manufacturing, or other applications, their pumps deliver precise and consistent results.