Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS 100P #134560 for sale

ID: 134560
Dry vacuum pump Pump speed: 100m3 / h Ultimate pressure: 1x10^-2mbar Rotational speed: 3600 rpm 4kW Motor Power: 208V, 15A, 60Hz.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS 100P is a mechanical vacuum pump used to maintain a given pressure in a laboratory or production environment. It is a single-stage, oil-sealed and lubricated rotary vane pump with a high displacement capacity. 100P pump's housing is made of aluminum, which provides durability and heat dissipation. Inside the housing is a rotary vane, which is attached to a motor that is powered by an electric current. This vane is connected to a sliding part which is pushed in and out by the application of power. As the vane moves, it creates a partial vacuum that draws gas from the environment, reducing the pressure inside the housing. The vacuum created by LEYBOLD HERAEUS 100P pump is controlled through the use of an intake valve that adjusts the pressure in the chamber. This valve can be adjusted manually by the user, or it can be connected to an electronic controller, allowing for precise control of the pump's vacuum level. 100P is equipped with a gas ballast valve which allows it to handle dirty or wet gases, allowing it to be used in a variety of different applications. The pump is also protected against thermal overload and oil starvation by an automatic shut-off mechanism. The oil within the pump is continuously lubricated and cooled, ensuring peak performance even in demanding operating conditions. It is also equipped with a mechanical shaft seal, which prevents air leakage at the end of the pump shaft and minimizes maintenance costs. The design of LEYBOLD HERAEUS 100P enables simple installation and long-term reliability. It also has a low noise level and low vibration, allowing it to be operated in quiet workplaces. 100P is a reliable, cost-effective vacuum pump, suitable for a wide range of applications. It provides a precise level of control and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for a variety of sustained vacuum processes.
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