Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS 340M #9087670 for sale

ID: 9087670
Turbo pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS 340M is a high-pressure, direct-drive rotary pump designed to deliver precise oil-free air compressions and vacuum applications. It is a great choice for applications with low air flow requirements, and can be used for industrial, medical and research applications. It is ideal for applications such as research and development, laboratory testing, gas analysis, and air-handling systems. 340M features a single-speed direct drive rotary vane design that offers dependable performance and long operational life. This reliable pump provides fairly low noise operation, making it appropriate for noisy office or laboratory environments. The internal components are constructed from aluminium alloy, allowing the pump to maintain its oil-free chamber integrity. Its design also includes an anti-tend and anti-reverse rotation protection feature, which prevents backflow and wear on the vane and rotor to ensure a longer operational life. Additionally, the pump is equipped with an optional air-cooled fan that can be used to reduce noise and improve cooling efficiency. The robust design of LEYBOLD HERAEUS 340M includes a corrosion-resistant stainless steel casing and a built-in intake port with a filter to protect the pump from particles. This unit also features a compact design and a lightweight construction, making it very easy to install and maintain. Additionally, its electrical efficiency is high, allowing it to operate at a low power consumption. The motor is brushless and the pump also features a built-in automatic restart device for an easy restart. 340M helps keep the environment safe and clean by keeping oil vapors out of applications. It has a low oil carryover and the air-driven flow regulator provides precise and accurate air compressions. The vacuum and compressions performance of this pump reach up to 15 mbar and 40 mbar (300 and 600 torr). This makes LEYBOLD HERAEUS 340M a great choice for applications such as gas chromatography, leak testing, sterilization, and many other applications. This pump is also very easy to maintain, as its rotor mechanism can be easily cleaned with a brush and the vane-the part that makes contact with the environment-can be replaced. The compact design and lightweight construction of 340M also make it easier to transport and install. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS 340M is a reliable and economical high-pressure, direct-drive rotary pump with great precision and performance. Thanks to its low noise operation, easy maintenance, and its ability to maintain a clean oil-free environment, it is a great choice for many different applications.
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