Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS 410MCT #9097270 for sale

ID: 9097270
Pump Pumping speed: 235 lit/sec Inlet flange: ISO160 Backing connection: KF25 Minimum size backing pump: 15 CMH Cooling: Water.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS 410MCT is a multi-stage, oil-sealed rotary vane pump, designed to provide a vacuum environment in a variety of applications. This pump is suitable for solids as well as gases and vapors. It has a working pressure level from 1 to 1000 mbar and can deliver a pumping speed of up to 50 m³/h. 410MCT features a modular design, with quick assembly and disassembly. It is equipped with a two-stage pump head, allowing for a high level of efficiency and reliability. The chamber volume is small, allowing for fast recovery in switching from one pressure level to another. The integrated oil mist separator helps to protect people, processes, and equipment from the hazardous consequences of oil vapor discharge. The pump features low ultimate pressure, low power consumption, and low noise levels. This makes it a suitable choice for many different environments, from laboratories and research laboratories to production and industrial plants. The pump is compatible with many different types of electronics including computers with USB connections and PCs. Additionally, it can be controlled and managed remotely using a PC software program. LEYBOLD HERAEUS 410MCT also features corrosion-resistant housings, which ensures hygiene and long-term reliability. Its adjustable anti-surge protection system further enhances its performance and safety. Its overall design allows for efficient maintenance, minimizing downtime. The Lichtenstein design of the pump reduces internal friction and wear, minimizing the amount of lubrication needed. This allows for long service life as well as providing extra savings in terms of maintenance costs. Additionally, the included check valve ensures that no oil vapor or liquid is expelled from the pump. To ensure the highest levels of safety, the oil level indicator allows for precise monitoring and the maintenance interval information helps to maximize efficiency and to ensure there is protection against unexpected leakage. To summarize, 410MCT is an oil-sealed rotary vane pump that provides a vacuum environment for a variety of applications. It features a modular design, low power consumption, low noise levels, corrosion-resistant housings, adjustable anti-surge protection system, and more. Its low ultimate pressure, low power consumption, and quiet operation make it suitable for many different environments, while its long service life and low maintenance costs make it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.
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