Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS 501 #174346 for sale

ID: 174346
Pump, warehoused.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS 501 is a reciprocating piston vacuum pump, used to create and maintain a vacuum. The pump is driven by an electric or pneumatic motor, using a rotary motion to drive the pump piston. The reciprocating piston design makes it capable of creating a higher pressure than rotary vane pumps, up to 29 bar. The pump has a two-stage design, allowing higher vacuum levels to be created, and the pumping speed can be adjusted by the user with a speed controller. The pump is designed for high-temperature applications, with a temperature rating of up to 130°C. The pump body is made from stainless steel, allowing it to resist corrosion and wear. The interior surfaces are milled to a flat finish and sealed against leakage. The built-in thermal protection prevents the pump from overheating and prevents damage to the seals and the interior of the pump. The pump is designed for durability and has high mechanical integrity, making it reliable for use in applications such as electron microscopy and semiconductor manufacturing. 501 is a reliable pump for applications where vacuum and high levels of temperature are required. Its two-stage design and adjustable pumping speed make it ideal for a variety of applications. It is also cost-effective and is a reliable choice for industries where pumping performance is critical.
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