Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS AF 40/65 P/N 18916 #135734 for sale

ID: 135734
Exhaust filters.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS AF 40/65 P/N 18916 is a light-weight, compact twin rotary vane pump designed by LEYBOLD HERAEUS. This type of pump is used to generate and maintain a vacuum environment. The AF 40/65 P/N 18916 is specifically designed to operate with a relatively low noise level and can run continuously with minimal wear and tear on the rotary vanes. Its particular design helps to achieve peak performance and also offers additional vibration protection. The AF 40/65 P/N 18916 features an optimized intake channel design and specially designed rotor slots for a maximum suction rate of 65 m³/h (mega litres per hour). As a result of this superior design, this pump is capable of providing corrosion-resistant, high-efficiency pumping levels. This pump utilizes an internal, cooled motor and an efficient self-lubrication system. Both features contribute to long life, low noise, and reduced maintenance. Additionally, this pump ensures great versatility as it can be used in many different applications, whether as a vacuum source in laboratories or as a positive pressure source for medical devices. Its high-velocity, low-noise operation is ideal to introduce either air or chemical vapors into a process. The AF 40/65 P/N 18916 is ready to install and includes a multi-functional user interface, allowing users to control its speed, pressure, and interface with external process control systems. This pump also has quick-release components and simple seals, allowing for service and maintenance to be performed without the need for any special tools. In conclusion, LEYBOLD HERAEUS AF 40/65 P/N 18916 is a superbly engineered pump that provides reliable, high performance, and manageable operations. Its exquisite design, integrated controls, and the ability to interface with external equipment provide a product that is sure to surpass user expectations.
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