Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS CF-425 #185419 for sale

ID: 185419
Roughing pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS CF-425 is an oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump designed for moderate pumping speeds. CF-425 operates with single-stage oil-sealed rotary vane technology for ultimate vacuum levels of > 3 x 10-2 mbar. It has a reliable air-cooled motor, with a maximum power rating of 1 kW. The rotor and rotors are constructed of cast iron for low heat expansion and strength, and feature a special graphite coating for improved performance and protection against corrosion. LEYBOLD HERAEUS CF-425 can achieve an ultimate pressure of < 3 x 10-2 mbar, an adsorption rate of 30 l/s, and an operating sound pressure level of < 55dBA. It is extremely efficient, with a pumping speed up to 100 m3/hr, making it the ideal solution for laboratory and industrial applications. In addition to its efficient performance, CF-425 is also characterized by its robustness and its maintenance friendly design. The pump utilizes an automatic lubrication system that regulates the lubrication of the moving parts, as well as an anti-vibration design that minimizes vibrations during operation. With its oil-sealed construction, LEYBOLD HERAEUS CF-425 is designed to ensure that only the correct amount of lubricant is used, and that there is no contamination of the pumping chamber with environmental contaminants. Furthermore, LEYBOLD HERAEUS is a highly versatile vacuum pump. It is available with a variety of accessories, including a breathing filter, exhaust filter, and special valves, which allow for multiple applications in laboratory and industrial processes. Moreover, CF-425 is also designed for continuous operation without interruption for up to five months. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS CF-425 is an ideal choice for moderate-speed applications requiring high performance vacuum levels and low sound pressure levels. Its versatile design and robust construction make it well suited for laboratory, industrial, and other application types, and its easy maintenance ensures reliability and lasting performance.
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