Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D10E #9095672 for sale

ID: 9095672
Vacuum Pump Part Number:110 66 Displacement: 20CMH Inlet connection: KF25 Outlet connection: KF25 (2) Stages Type of oil: H/C or PFPE Motor power: .750/550 kW, single or 3Phase Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air Accessories available: Oil Mist Filter Inlet Filter.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D10E is a high-performance and reliable dry-running vacuum pump designed for applications in the process industry, research and development, and general industrial fields. The pump offers excellent performance with long-term operating stability and minimal maintenance requirements. The design of D10E incorporates a simple, energy-efficient design, allowing it to be operated from a regular three-phase power supply. The vacuum pressure range of the unit is from 200 to 1100 mbar. The operating noise level is within the range of 60 to 65 dB(A). The unit is cooled by a permanently installed fan that draws in ambient air and discharges the air outside the ambient area. The unit consists of one single-stage centrifugal pump with an operating capacity of up to 302 m3/h depending on the chosen pump speed. The unit is fitted with easy-to-handle screw-on quick connectors that facilitate easy connecting and disconnecting from pipelines. The unit also features an auto-adjustment mechanism that guarantees an optimum suction level with the current gas volume. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D10E uses corrosion-resistant steel for the construction of its casing and impeller and has a special dirt-guard system to protect the bearing from debris. The unit has an IP54 protection rating, meaning it is protected against dust and splashing water from any direction. D10E is equipped with a monitoring system that indicates when the operating parameters should not exceed certain limits. This system notifies the user via an alarm signal. The unit also has an emergency stop button to stop operation in case of emergency. In conclusion, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D10E is a reliable, efficient, and quiet vacuum pump that is suitable for many different applications and industries. It has an easy-to-install design and features auto-adjustment, dirt-guard, and monitoring systems that make it user-friendly and safe. Its corrosion-resistant materials make it highly durable, and its ability to operate in a range of pressures makes it a flexible choice for various industrial tasks.
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