Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16A #164843 for sale

ID: 164843
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16A is a vacuum pump that is highly effective in evacuating liquids and gases making it useful in various processes such as degassing, outgassing and precision metallurgy and welding. The pump is of the turbo molecular type, and offers excellent and reliable performance with a pumping speed of 16 cubic meters per hour. Its excellent design offers an ultimate pressure of 0.02 mbar, making it suitable for a wide range of applications requiring exceptionally high vacuum levels. The unit features a robust and reliable construction with tungsten, stainless steel, and ceramic components for superior performance and low maintenance, whilst offering the highest level of safety. This pump is also provided with advanced safety features such as electronic overload protection and phase monitors which protect from internal overheating and strain situations. It utilizes a permanently lubricated bearing which ensures that there is no need for oil, thereby eliminating any maintenance requirements or leaks. This feature also results in robust and low vibrational performance as well as low noise levels. The pump's energy efficient motor also helps to reduce overall operating costs. In addition, D16A features an RF shield, making it suitable for use in sensitive areas such as laboratories and electronics manufacturing where stray electrostatic fields could interfere with operation. The design of the shield also helps to reduce radio frequency interference from nearby equipment as well. The unit can also be connected to other pumps in series allowing for increased flow rates and lower ultimate pressure. This feature allows users to customize their system to the requirements of their specific application. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16A is a powerful, reliable, and energy-efficient pump that is suitable for a variety of applications requiring high vacuum levels. Its robust construction and advanced safety features help to ensure a safe and reliable operation, while its energy efficient motor and ability to be connected in series help to reduce operating costs.
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