Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16B #9055018 for sale

ID: 9055018
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16B is a dry, belt-drive pump designed for the evacuation and compression of non-combustible and low vapor pressure gases. The pump is specifically suited for high and ultra-high vacuum applications, with a pumping speed of 16 m3/h for nitrogen and 13 m3/h for hydrogen. It features a robust design with an easy-to-mount, oil-free, maintenance sealing system that ensures reliability and safe operation. The pump incorporates an air turbine, driven by an AC motor, with a power consumption of 0.75kW. This power consumption is extremely efficient for a pump of this size and capacity. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D1,6B is highly effective in terms of sealing and providing high and vacuum conditions as it features a two-stage cylinder design with an effective insulating wall between the stages. This design helps ensure a uniform pressure distribution throughout the cylinder, thus reducing wear on the sealing surfaces. The pump also features an oil-free bearing system with low friction and no leakage risk. The pump is environmentally friendly as well, achieving low-noise operation due to its optimized design and low power consumption. In terms of operation safety, D1.6B has a number of features built in. These include a mechanical interlock, preventing operation after loss of power, as well as overload and temperature protection for added safety. The pump is also equipped with thermocouples to monitor temperatures during operation. The pump also features an emergency stop button and safety warning label. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D1.6B is a high quality, reliable pump that is designed to provide safe and efficient operation. It features an innovative design that helps maximize performance and efficiency, while minimizing power consumption. It is ideal for applications requiring high and ultrahigh vacuums, as it is able to work even under extreme conditions. Furthermore, its robust design and high-quality sealing system ensures safe and reliable handling for many years.
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