Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16BCS #9076626 for sale

ID: 9076626
Mechanical pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16BCS pumps are oil-sealed vacuum pumps from the D-Series of LEYBOLD HERAEUS. These vacuum pumps feature a modern and compact design and are designed for applications that require a maximum final vacuum of 1 x 10-2 mbar. The D-Series pumps use a combination of lubricated oil-sealed rotary vanes and a gas ballast to achieve the desired vacuum. The rotary vanes are driven by a motor, and can be adjusted to vary the pumping speed of the pump. The gas ballast provides additional performance and prevents condensation of vapors that are pumped. The gas ballast is integrated into the body of the vacuum pump, and facilitates high gas pumping speeds. The pumps also feature an oil-free design, which prevents contamination and enables safe operation in environments with hazardous or explosive atmospheres. Moreover, the pumps feature a low temperature rise, allowing them to be used in high temperature applications. The pump's performance is further improved by its patented oil temperature monitoring system, which monitors the oil temperature and automatically adjusts the speed of the pump to optimise pumping efficiency. Additionally, the pumps are designed to be maintenance free, eliminating the need for oil or filter changes. D16BCS pump is capable of handling vacuum and gas loads up to 1000 mbar, making it suitable for a wide variety of vacuum applications such as degassing, vacuum curing, powder coating, and freeze drying. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16BCS is also capable of maintaining a high level of performance even with a large gas load, ensuring optimal performance at all times. D16BCS pumps come with a comprehensive range of interface options, including ISO ISO-K flanges, Swagelok® fittings, DN16 CF Conflat, and Bayard-Alpert hot cathode gauges. The pumps also offer a low base pressure of 5 x 10-3 mbar for optimal ultimate vacuum performance. The pumps also feature a variety of safety features, including an emergency stop switch and a mechanical emergency vent valve. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16BCS vacuum pumps are designed for robust and reliable performance, allowing users to safely and reliably process large gas loads. Moreover, with their wide range of interface options, these pumps can be adapted to fit various applications.
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