Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16BWS #9095675 for sale

ID: 9095675
Vacuum Pump Displacement: 20 CMH (2) Stages Type of oil: H/C Inlet connection: KF25 Outlet connection: KF25 Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air 0.75kW, 415V, 3 phase.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16BWS vacuum pump is a great choice for medium-vacuum applications. This oil-sealed rotary vane pump has a nominal pumping speed of 16 m3/h and a ultimate pressure of 0.4 mbar. It is powered by a two-pole, three-phase, permanent-magnet synchronous motor, mounted on the lower section of the pump. This motor has an integrated thermal protection circuit that prevents it from overloading and damaging the motor. The pump features an integrated control system, allowing for speed regulation of the motor. There is also an adjustable pressure transducer port, allowing accurate monitoring of the vacuum. The pump is made from a durable cast aluminium housing, and it is designed to work reliably in most temperatures. D16BWS has a finned-tube bridge between the inlet and outlet ports, which is designed to keep the pump cool while running. This bridge also helps to reduce vibration and noise pollution, making this pump suitable for many environments. The pump also has a vibration-isolated base and adjustable feet, further reducing noise and vibration. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D16BWS is designed for trouble-free operation and maintenance. It has an extended oil-changing interval and an integrated oil mist filter, allowing for less frequent maintenance. Additionally, this pump is equipped with a number of diagnostic features to help technicians and users detect potential faults quickly. D16BWS is an excellent choice for medium-vacuum applications. Its design is able to provide reliable operation with extended maintenance intervals. The integrated control system and pressure transducer port allow users to accurately monitor the vacuum and ensure optimal operation. The vibration-dampening features also help to reduce noise and vibration, and the durable cast aluminium housing helps ensure long-term performance and reliability.
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