Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D2 #9064229 for sale

ID: 9064229
Pump Displacement: CFM 2.2 Displacement : I/min 62 Ultimate Partial Pressure: 10 millitorr or better Water Vapor Tolerance: Torr 30 Oil Capacity: 0.5 Motor Power: HP 1/3 Pump Rotational Speed: RPM 1725 Weight, Complete ... .lb 41 Sound Pressure Level (Max) At Three Feet With Gas Ballast Closed : dB(A) 50 Sound Pressure Level (Avg) At Three Feet With Gas Ballast Open: dB(A) 54.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D2 is a vacuum pump, designed for industrial applications to create deep vacuum in a range of products and processes. It is a dynamic dry pump, meaning that it does not rely on lubricants or other liquids to keep the interior of the pump clean and free from residue. D2 features a combination of advanced ceramics and a high-performance, lightweight rotor design. This efficient, long lasting design enables LEYBOLD HERAEUS D2 to maintain a highly efficient vacuum with minimal maintenance and low noise. The mechanism of D2 uses a rotating-cylinder-in-cylinder design which features a titanium core shaft carrying the rotor assembly. This ensures this reliable design maximizes the effectiveness of insulation between the two cylinder surfaces, preventing heat and lubricant loss. The vacuum is created by the pressurization of nitrogen gas onto the rotor's ceramic vanes. As the rotor spins, cavities are created between the vanes and the gas is pulled through the chamber, then released through the outlet valve. This process creates a powerful vacuum in the chamber. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D2 also features an integrated pressure sensor which enables it to regulate the velocity of the pump based on the start-up load. This makes the pump more efficient by ensuring that the vacuum output is constantly being monitored and optimised to reduce energy consumption. Additionally, the pump has an adjustable vacuum curves set-up which enable different pumps to be used in different applications. In addition to its technical features, D2 also provides an aesthetically pleasing design. Its stainless steel exterior is polished for a professional appearance, making it an ideal addition to any industrial setting. Furthermore, the pump is designed to be lightweight and fast-acting, allowing for easy installation and operation. Finally, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D2 is highly reliable, offering a long service life with minimal maintenance. With its efficient design, adjustable vacuum curve settings, and impressive aesthetics, D2 has become one of the most widely-used vacuum pumps for industrial applications.
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