Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D25B / BCS #9055019 for sale

D25B / BCS
ID: 9055019
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D25B / BCS is a dry pump that combines oil-free and compact features ideal for many high-vacuum applications. The pump is commonly found in semiconductor manufacturing, semiconductor materials research, and plasma deposition systems. Its design utilizes a water-cooled DC motor with a double bearing-mounted conical rotor. This is an advanced feature as it ensures a continuous, even speed of the rotor, and also prevents the unwanted axial run-out of the rotor. The pump also contains dual-stage technology which enables it to have the capability to reach very low levels of ultimate pressures while still delivering higher pumping speeds. One of the benefits of D25B / BCS is that it requires minimal maintenance. Its innovative, non-contacting seal system minimizes wear of the components, and it cuts down lubrication requirements, decreasing the likelihood of contamination. It also features a turbomolecular dry backing pump, bringing a simple, eddy-current-free solution. Furthermore, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D25B / BCS incorporates a range of built-in safety features. This includes an external overtemperature switch which will shut the pump off if the internal temperature rises above the specified limit. Furthermore, its built-in soft start-up feature enables the pump to start even with limited power supply, proving useful in power supply outages or certain situations. A manual switch in the normal operation mode allows for easy stoppage of a large number of pump systems, thus providing more control over the system. D25B / BCS is constructed of high-grade stainless steel to provide superior corrosion and wear resistance. Additionally, its innovative design offers several features that make it noise-reduced and highly efficient. This is beneficial in situations when a quiet yet reliable pump is necessary. Furthermore, by cutting down energy consumption by 25 percent, the pump is also highly energy efficient and able to reduce long-term costs. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D25B / BCS is ideal for high-vacuum applications that require stable and reliable performance. Thanks to its robust construction, advanced design features, and innovative safety features, this pump is a great choice for a wide range of applications which require minimal maintenance and high-efficiency performance.
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