Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D25BCS #122509 for sale

ID: 122509
Double stage pumps, 208V, 21 cfm.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D25BCS turbo-molecular pump is a robust and reliable component often used in industrial and laboratory vacuum systems. It features a patented, yet open the whole-length cylinder design that provides excellent pumping performance, even in harsh environments. The pump's design consists of two distinct sections including a blower section and a two stage high vacuum section separated by a plenum. The blower section includes a centrifugal impeller, which circulates air around the rotor while the two-stage high vacuum section features adjustable vane blades that are adjusted to the desired air flow rate and pumping speed. This energy-efficient pump features a patented bake-out feature, which allows for the easy pumping of solvents and other volatile gases. D25BCS delivers a superior air performance with a compact package size. Moreover, it is perfectly-suited for a variety of applications from ultra-high vacuum processes to low-vacuum production processes. This pump is extremely reliable and is designed for long-term use in industrial and laboratory applications. It can easily handle continuous working pressure of up to 10- 6 Torr, with truly outstanding performance in the mid- and high-vacuum pressure range. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D25BCS is equipped with a low-noise motor and blower, as well as adjustable-speed drive providing excellent performance. An integrated self-protection feature is also included in this pump, which allows the unit to automatically shut down if the vacuum pressure exceeds the safe operating limits. Moreover, this pump features industrial-grade components, making it durable enough to survive a long working life. Furthermore, D25BCS features an intrinsic safety feature ensuring long-term protection even in hazardous environments. It also includes a fully-integrated bearing system, which ensures reliable performance in the most extreme conditions. This pump also comes equipped with a number of user-friendly features including a diagnostics center, motion control and user interface and a high-efficiency motor drive. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D25BCS is a robust, powerful and reliable turbo-molecular pump that is designed for superior air performance and long-term durability in industrial and laboratory vacuum systems. It provides an energy-efficient and reliable solution for a wide range of applications.
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