Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30A #122510 for sale

ID: 122510
Pumps, 208/460V, 27 cfm.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30A is a diaphragm-type pump designed for use in a range of industrial, medical, and research applications. D30A features a unique diaphragm technology that enables the pump to safely and reliably provide the extreme control necessary for perfect vacuum control. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30A offers high performance and a wide pumping capacity of up to 30l/min with a continuous operating vacuum of up to 0.1 mbar. D30A features a robust and compact design, making it well-suited for use in a wide range of applications. It utilizes oil-free lubrication and is effective in conveying oil-free, moisture-free and dry gaseous media such as air, nitrogen and noble gases. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30A is ideal for use in applications that require precise, reliable and clean operation, as the pump is fabricated from a single piece of corrosion-resistant PTFE material that ensures no risk of contamination. D30A features low noise levels, reduced energy consumption, and an integrated gas ballast device for humidity or condensation control. This device helps the pump move gas molecules more easily and reliably to improve performance and reduce the risk of wear on the diaphragm. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30A also features high flow stability and low pulsation, making it suitable for use when precision and accuracy are important. The design of D30A utilizes self-adjusting Turbo and Soft Stop systems, allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications without adjustment. The self-adjusting Turbo system helps to optimize the least gas ballast pressure, while the soft stop system helps avoid overheating or excessive pressure build up inside the pump. Additionally, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30A includes a digital display which allows the user to monitor operating parameters easily. In summary, D30A is a diaphragm-type pump that offers reliable and durable performance for a variety of applications, featuring oil-free lubrication, low noise levels and energy consumption, a gas ballast device for humidity control, a digital display and self-adjusting systems for optimal performance. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30A is ideal for applications requiring precise and reliable operation in a clean environment.
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