Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30A #135738 for sale

ID: 135738
Direct drive rotary vane pump CFM: 26.8 Voltage: 230/460 VAC.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30A is an oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump that can provide high vacuum levels up to 0.05 mbar with ultimate pressure down to 0.001 mbar. It is a 2-stage oil-sealed vacuum pump and is a very reliable, durable and cost-effective solution for industrial vacuum applications. The pump is equipped with a direct drive that enables the pump to be operated at higher speeds and makes the equipment more energy efficient. D30A is able to achieve excellent ultimate pressure performance due to the patented design of its rotary vane. The rotary vane is completely stabilised with the help of a precision-manufactured rotor and stator blades that reduce radial motion under extreme pressure conditions. The axial strength of the vane is also optimised to ensure maximum efficiency and stability. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30A also features air cooling that helps to reduce the temperature of the pump and increase its longevity. The pump has a high pumping speed of 20 m3/h and a continuous pumping speed of 15 m3/h. It is able to provide excellent compatibility with all oil-free vacuum systems, regardless of their application. The exhaust port on the pump allows for the exhaust gas to be directed away from the pump so that it does not interfere with the functionality of the system. D30A is also equipped with an anti-noise unit that helps to reduce noise levels at various vacuum settings. This helps to maintain a comfortable working environment, as well as reducing the risk of hearing damage. In addition to its robust performance, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30A is also extremely easy to maintain. All components of the pump can easily be replaced, without needing to reconfigure the entire machine. This makes the maintenance process much easier and is also beneficial in keeping the cost of repair and maintenance low. Overall, D30A is a high-quality oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump that is designed to deliver high levels of efficiency, reliability and durability.
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