Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30AC #9096664 for sale

ID: 9096664
Vacuum pump Displacement .....CFM 26.8 Displacement .....I/min 760 Ultimate Partial Pressure ... 10 Millitorr or better Water Vapor Tolerance ... Torr 40 Oil Capacity ..... qt 3.5 Motor Power ... HP 1112 Pump Rotational Speed ... ...RPM 1725 Weight Complete ... 196 Sound Pressure Level (Max) At Three Feet With Gas Ballast Closed ... ..dB(A) 59 Sound Pressure Level (Avg) At Three Feet With Gas Ballast Open ... .dB(A) 62.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30AC is a rotary vane vacuum pump, designed to provide reliable operation in difficult to maintain vacuum systems. It is ideal for applications in the manufacture of electronic components, medical equipment, and automotive industry. It is a powerful and reliable pump with a high-output capacity. D30AC is composed of a belt-driven electric motor and a vane pump to create the vacuum. The motor's output power is rated at 2.2 kW and the pump can operate with a maximum vacuum range of from atmospheric pressure up to 0.1 mbar. The motor and the pump are each controlled by an integrated proportional speed controller for smooth and precise operation. This controller also allows independent speed adjustments of the motor and the pump, giving the user greater control of the system. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30AC features a well designed oil lubrication system to ensure the smooth functioning of the unit. It has an oil reservoir that can store up to 400 g of lubricating oil and the oil is circulated in the system with an oil separator to make sure that the oil is not contaminated. The seal of the pump is also designed to reduce the chances of oil leakage. D30AC features a hard-coated metallic body which provides improved resistance to wear and corrosion. This design and construction makes LEYBOLD HERAEUS D30AC suitable for use in corrosive and abrasive environments and increases the lifespan of the pump. The unit also features a highly efficient dust filter that helps keep the insides of the pump clean and free of contamination. The dust filter removes the fines generated during the process and also helps increase the efficiency of the pump. D30AC is an incredibly versatile unit that can be easily adapted to fit into tight spaces and is suitable for a range of applications. It is an ideal choice for high-performance vacuum systems, providing reliable operation and efficient performance.
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