Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40B / BCS #9055020 for sale

D40B / BCS
ID: 9055020
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40B / BCS is a rotary vane vacuum pump that operates with both mineral oil and synthetic lubricants. It is a single-stage pump and is capable of providing a pumping speed of 45 cubic meters per hour (CFM). It has a power rating of 1.5 kW and operates at a maximum pressure of 10-6 mbar. D40B / BCS is also equipped with an adjustable speed control to enable precise flow rate control for more efficient operation. The pump has a lightweight, compact design which makes it ideal for applications where space is limited. The pump is also compatible with a wide range of standard motor mounts, making installation and mounting quick and easy. In addition, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40B / BCS features an integrated air-cooled oil filter with an electronic filter monitoring system, as well as a mechanical oil level indicator, making maintenance simple and effective. D40B / BCS operates with a minimal noise level and low vibration, thanks to its components being compensated and buffered against resonances. It has a very low ultimate pressure of 10-6 mbar and a suction capacity of 45 CFM. The pump features a direct drive coupled with a double acting rotary vane, allowing for exceptional suction performance even with small amounts of oil contaminated gases present. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40B / BCS is also equipped with a patented integral timing device, which makes accurate timing possible and facilitates service and maintenance operations. Additionally, the pump has a mechanical bypass to allow for easy condenser switching. The pump is mainly used in laboratory and medical applications such as, micro-electronics, biotechnology, sample drying processes and more. D40B / BCS is a reliable, efficient and robust pump that is highly suited to a range applications where high vacuum is required. It is designed to deliver reliable performance and functionality in the most demanding conditions. This vacuum pump is an excellent choice for precision pumping in the lab.
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