Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40B #9081824 for sale

ID: 9081824
Vane pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40B is a high-performance laboratory grade turbomolecular vacuum pump designed for operations up to a maximum pressure of 5 x 10-1 mbar. The pumping element of this pump is composed of a turbine wheel that is backed by a permanent magnet motor, and a large volute that outputs the vacuum to one or more final oil diffusion pumps. The rotor of the motor is directly connected to the turbine wheel and consists of a combination of semi-shrouds and stator blades. The design of D40B offers several advantages over traditional vacuum pumps. The motor is designed with a low noise operation and low vibration, which creates an ideal environment for sensitive operations requirin g a quiet working atmosphere. The pump also offers a compact design and a low maintenance design that eliminates the need for costly repairs. Additionally, the motor of LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40B is designed with a built-in blower that helps to ensure an efficient movement of air within the vacuum chamber, further increasing the performance of the pump. D40B is powered by a single phase power supply and can produce a working pressure of up to 10 microns. The turbine wheel is capable of producing a wide range of speeds, from 6000 to 32000 revolutions per minute. The maximum pumping speed of the unit is 400 liters per second. Additionally, the unit features a high bypass pressure ratio of up to 1200:1, making it suitable for high-vacuum applications such as film deposition, plasma fuel cell, and semiconductor processing. The unit features a built-in overload protection system that prevents the motor from becoming overheated or shutting down due to an overcurrent. Also, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40B is equipped with an oil-level monitoring system that displays the oil level in the pump, allowing the user to check for any signs of damage or necessary maintenance. With this system, users can ensure that the unit is operating properly and can avoid major issues or downtime due to lack of maintenance. To ensure optimal performance, D40B is equipped with an Adjustable Control Unit (ACU), which enables the user to adjust the vacuum level and the speed of the turbine. Furthermore, the unit also features a digital display that helps to provide the user with more detailed information regarding the performance of the vacuum pump. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40B is an ideal vacuum pump for laboratory use, thanks to its low maintenance design and its ability to perform at a wide range of speeds and pressures. The built-in features provide a high level of accuracy and safety, ensuring reliable operation.
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