Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40BCS #9094163 for sale

ID: 9094163
Vane pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40BCS is a rotary vane displacement pump designed for high-vacuum applications in industrial and scientific processes. It features a single-stage, hermetically sealed design, robust steel construction, and simple maintenance. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40 BCS has maximum ultimate pressure (ultimate pressure) of 1× 10-2 mbar and a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm. The mechanical portion of D40BCS consists of an oil-lubricated rotor with vanes and an inlet and outlet port. The rotor is driven by an external motor. The Ultimate Pressure is limited because of the small inlet and outlet port diameters. The compressor rotors also create turbulence and shock waves in the pumping chamber which might reduce the Volumetric Efficiency. To reduce these pressures, D40 BCS may be equipped with a Diffuser. The inlet of LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40BCS is designed with a curved orifice to reduce pressure pulsation and vibration. A special combination of rare-earth magnets, held between two thin metal plates, is used to provide a constant magnetic field at the inlet. This magnetic structure helps to stabilize the flow around the inlet. The construction of the housing is equipped with dual magnetic bearings and a pressure-sensing groove. The lubrication system of the pump consists of a central lubrication oil reservoir and two separate oil supplies. The air-cooling system utilizes internal fins and external fans. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40 BCS also contains an industry-standard power supply, with a power output range of 5-15V. The pump's control panel includes standard features such as ON/OFF Switch and Speed/Pressure Control. It can also optionally be equipped with a Partial Pressure Measurement Kit, allowing for precise control of the pressure. In operation, D40BCS is best suited for processes where high-quality gas tightness and vacuum levels are required. This is due to the low level of pulsation and the dynamic pressure load capacity of the pump, which can maintain balance for up to 130mbar. Additionally, D40 BCS's ability to handle high temperature media makes it suitable for use in heat-sensitive process applications. For maintenance, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40BCS includes easy-to-install service parts, such as oil filters and timing belts which should be replaced regularly. In addition, a diagnostic system is available for increased reliability and maximum service life. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40 BCS is an ideal pump for industrial and scientific processes requiring high-quality vacuum, and is designed with the user in mind for easy operation and maintenance.
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