Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40BCS #9096625 for sale

ID: 9096625
Vacuum pump Nominal pumping speed 50 / 60 Hz, DIN 28 400 m3/h 46 / 55 Pumping speed 50/60 Hz according to DIN 28 400 m3/h 40 / 48 Ultimate partial pressure without gas ballast DIN 28 400 mbar 1E-4 Ultimate total pressure without gas ballast DIN 28 400 mbar < 2E-3 Ultimate total pressure with gas ballast DIN 28 400 mbar < 5E-3 Water vapor tolerance DIN 28 400 mbar 40 Water vapor capacity g/h 1184 Oil filling, min. / max. l 1.7 / 2.6 Noise level DIN 45 635 without - with gas ballast dB(A) 57 / 59 Admissible ambient temperature °C 12 - 40 Motor rating - AC motor230 V 50 Hz W 2200 Nominal speed 50/60 Hz 1/min 1420 / 1710 Motor protection IP 54 Weight - with AC motor version 230 V 50 Hz kg 68 Connections exhaust and intake.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40BCS Vacuum Pump is a state-of-the-art high-performance vacuum pump, capable of approximately 80 liters per second (lps) for use in vacuum applications. The double-stage rotary vane design makes it suitable for diverse industrial applications while requiring low maintenance costs. The pump offers superior performance when compared to other leading rotary vane vacuum pumps. The pump has a nominal pumping speed of 80 lps at 60 Torr, a maximum ultimate vacuum of 10 Torr, and an operating power consumption of 3.8 KW. It has a unique design which is based on a conical rotor which is driven by an electric motor. The rotor and its supporting elements are enclosed in a sealed chamber which is known as the pumping chamber. The rotor contains eight vanes spaced equally around its circumference. When the motor starts to rotate, the vanes create a sliding motion inside the pumping chamber that causes a large amount of gas to be compressed and pumped out of the pumping chamber. This results in a higher pressure in the pumping chamber which helps to keep any remaining gases from leaving the chamber. The pumping action is capable of removing unwanted moisture and leaving a chemically inert atmosphere with a low backgroundpressure. The chamber size of LEYBOLD HERAEUS D40 BCS Vacuum Pump is relatively small for its pumping power, allowing for it to be used in tight spaces and confined locations. It also features a vibration dampening system which helps to ensure that the pump operates at a very low noise level. The axial arrangement of the rotor components connected to the bearing structure is designed to reduce the overall weight of the pump, albeit with a small price in terms of higher power consumption. D40BCS Vacuum Pump is a reliable and robust product that has been designed for long service life and dependability. The pump is also backed by a 1-year warranty, and various spares and accessories are available as optional extras to enable full customization. The pump is available in either compressed air or electric powered versions and has been designed to suit a variety of industrial applications.
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