Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D4A #122537 for sale

ID: 122537
Pumps, 120/280V, 4.5 cfm.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D4A is a membrane vacuum pump, commonly used in a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. It is a two-stage, direct-drive guarantee pump and has a rotary-vane design. It features a gas ballast that helps to prevent vapor lock, a single-stage turbine that is dynamically balanced, and a compression chamber with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) for superior performance. D4A is a robust and reliable, failure-resistant product that provides steady operation and quiet operation. It has a convenient control panel for user-friendly operation, with a toggle switch for power control, illuminated start/stop and warning lights, and a pressure gauge for easy diagnostics. This pump offers an excellent ultimate vacuum of 2 x 10-5 Pa and an ultimate pressure of 1.4 x 10-1 Pa. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D4A has an oil drain with a bypass valve that prevents the oil from running completely out of the system during maintenance. The pulse-free flow can be further optimized with the enclosed bypass valve. The pump can be used with a variety of gas ballast valves, and as a result, is ideal for diverse applications across industries requiring high reliability, corrosion-resistant performance and low noise. D4A is also self-priming, with high volumetric flow rates, and can be used in different atmospheres, such as air, nitrogen, and helium. In addition, the pump's special oil-seal arrangement ensures maximum pumping speed and energy efficiency. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D4A also has a double-sealed bearing system with extra-long life, and is designed for short-term pulse applications or for continuous operation. Overall, D4A is a solid choice for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications requiring reliable, long-lasting performance. Its gas ballast and specific flow characteristics make it well-suited for a wide range of applications, and its durable design ensures it will withstand the most rigorous demands. The advanced features, such as the oil drain and bypass valve, make it a great choice for users looking for a versatile, low-noise vacuum pump.
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