Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D60 #174291 for sale

ID: 174291
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D60 is a heavy-duty pump designed for industrial applications, particularly for chemical processes. It is capable of evacuating liquid and gaseous media from low to high vacuum ranges at precise pressure levels within a wide pressure range. The system features an oil-lubricated rotary piston design, allowing for precise level of pumping performance and easy maintenance. D60 pump is constructed using steel housing that provides reliable protection against cracking, which is often experienced on pumps with plastic housings. The high-grade steel casing is resistant to the effects of corrosion, helping to ensure the long-term durability of the pump. Despite its robust design, the pump is quiet and requires minimal maintenance due to its low-friction features. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D60 pump is capable of reaching and maintaining a desired pressure level regardless of its load. This makes it ideal for chemical processes that are exposed to a wide range of pressures. The pump is equipped with an automatic back-pressure valve, which is designed to keep the pump from exceeding certain pressure levels. D60 pump is also designed to be energy-efficient. The rotary piston design of the pump enables it to draw only the required amount of power, depending on the pressure level it is working at. This helps to reduce power consumption and reduce running costs. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D60 pump is easy to integrate, with an array of accessories to assist in installation. The standard accessories are compatible with any existing vacuum systems, while the company also provides custom adapters and other parts as required. D60 pump also features a fast-response regulator, allowing it to maintain an accurate pressure range in the shortest possible response time. The pump is also CE-certified, providing peace-of-mind when it comes to safety and compliance. In summary, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D60 is an advanced, hardy pump that is capable of sustaining accurate pressure and vacuum measures. Its robust construction, easy maintenance and energy-efficient design ensure that it remains reliable and efficient for many years of operation. Additionally, its complete range of accessories and compatibility with existing systems make it a great choice for any industrial application.
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