Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D60AC #122539 for sale

ID: 122539
Pump, 208/480V, 37 cfm.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D60AC is a high-vacuum pump of the Roots-type, which is suitable for various industrial applications requiring a reliable vacuum source. This roots-type pump can provide a maximum pumping speed of up to 8 m3/h, allowing it to handle a wide range of industrial applications. The pump is designed to operate at a motor speed of 1750 rpm as standard, which helps to prevent air contaminants entering the pump intake, providing a reliable and clean vacuum source. The LFB-D60AC offers corrosion resistance to a variety of industrial climates with its robust construction, reinforced baffle and equipped with a sturdy steel casing. This pump is also equipped with an inlet filtration system to protect the vacuum chamber from potential contamination. Furthermore, the LFB-LEYBOLD HERAEUS D60AC is designed to operate with a quieter, higher efficiency motor, making it more practical for use in industrial or residential environments. Its Intelligent Low-Noise Technology (ILN) helps to reduce vibration and noise levels, allowing for noise-free operation in some environments. In addition to its noise control, this model also offers energy efficiency, with its operating temperature of 80°C providing optimal performance. Additionally, its robust cooling system helps extend its running life and maintain consistent performance. The LYBOLD HERAEUS D60AC is a reliable high-vacuum pump, designed to offer reliable performance and a quieter operation in a variety of settings. Its corrosion-resistant build, Energy-saving technologies, and filtration system make it a great solution for a variety of industrial applications.
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