Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65B / BCS #9055021 for sale

D65B / BCS
ID: 9055021
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65B / BCS is an oil-free rotary vane pump used for a variety of industrial, academic and research applications. The pump is designed for use in pumps with medium to high pressures that require clean, dry gas with non-lubricated gas operation. The pump is equipped with a multi-displacement feature that can be adjusted for operation at pressures up to 85 bar (1245 psi) with a peak of 110 bar (1620 psi). The pumping equipment is air-cooled for easy operation and maintenance. The pump is designed with a variety of optional accessories to provide additional flexibility for specific applications and processes. D65B / BCS utilizes a direct drive motor to accommodate operation with pressures up to 85 bar (1245psi). The motor is designed to rotate at speeds up to 8800rpm and has an inlet volume of 0.652dm3/rev (400CFM). The high efficiency system is capable of delivering up to 36 liters/minute (2.23 CFM) of free air. The pump also features an adjustable speed drive providing a frequency range of 40-60HZ to accommodate specific application requirements. The pump is also equipped with a pulse-dampening valve providing a steady transition from a vacuums to positive pressures, protecting other components, and delivering a consistent pressure profile throughout the unit. The gas ballast design helps reduce the pressure in the pump chamber by mixing a percentage of gas with the air stream. The adjustable gas ballast allows the mass velocity of the pumping fluid to be optimized for specific conditions. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65B / BCS is water-cooled for optimal performance and protection from external temperature fluctuations. The pump exterior is constructed from stainless steel to ensure high quality operation and little maintenance is required. Finally, the pump features a built-in oil filter constructed of stainless steel for removal of condensate and other particles. The high-efficiency filter protects the internal components and machine components from contamination and wear due to oil deposition. D65B / BCS is well suited for research and industrial applications requiring pump systems reliable, durable, and precise control. The adjustable speed drive allows for use in a wide range of applications and conditions with varying pressure and vacuum requirements. The stainless steel construction and water-cooling ensure that the tool is highly efficient and reliable. Easy maintenance and temperature regulation provide reliable performance over years of operation.
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