Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65B #135740 for sale

ID: 135740
Direct drive rotary vane pumps 53CFM Exhaust filters Inlet: KF 40 Motor: 200-230 or 480 V, 3-Phase.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65B is a robust and reliable high vacuum pump designed for reliable performance over long operational periods. This pump provides ultimate vacuum pressure down to 0.0001 mbar and excellent pumping speed over the whole range of pressure. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65 B features superior intake, superior oil holding capability and a unique sealing equipment. It deaerates, dries and filters vacuum systems and provides excellent solids carrying capability. The pump has also built-in anti-aspiration and over temperature monitoring as safety features. D65B is extremely easy to maintain since it requires minimal lubrication, is oil-less and offers no additional maintenance components. D65 B features an integrated oil-free motor and a pre-packed modular oil free design, which is ideal for on-site servicing and maintenance. The unique oil-free design provides ultimate protection against external contamination, avoids potential hazards due to oil residues and provides superior durability over many years. The pump is equipped with an optimized low speed system and special blades to optimize laminar air flow and to minimize power consumption. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65B is also an excellent choice for applications involving high-vacuum processes thanks to its low noise and vibration level. The pump has a reduced ultimate pressure overrun and a very high ultimate vacuum pressure, both of which contribute to increased efficiency in the interconnected equipment and processes. The pump also provides a built-in refrigeration unit for cooling the chamber as needed. Finally, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65 B is a reliable, durable and efficient choice for high-vacuum processing and is ideal for applications that require superior performance over long periods. It features superior intake, superior oil holding capacity, unique sealing machine and a modular oil free design that promotes easy maintenance. The pump also features low noise and vibration levels, reduced ultimate pressure overrun and a very high ultimate vacuum pressure. These features, combined with the integrated cooling tool and low power consumption, make D65B an economical, reliable and energy-efficient choice for high-vacuum processing operations.
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