Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65BCS #143067 for sale

ID: 143067
Pump, PFPE.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65BCS is a high-performance, low-maintenance, rotary vane pump designed for industrial use. It offers exceptional performance, superior reliability, and excellent process control. The pump is an oil-sealed, two-stage design with an easy to access front plate. It utilizes a rotating vane system and can reach speeds up to 500 RPM, depending on the model. It has a wide operating range and can handle a wide variety of applications. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65 BCS is available in single or dual lapped surfaces that provide two distinct chambers. The high-performance dual wall construction ensures an ideal vacuum up to 14 mbar. The dual lapping provides a superior level of vacuum and superior volumetric transfer rate. The increased volumetric flow increases the scavenging effect and the result is a better performance. To ensure maximum reliability and long-term performance, D65BCS utilizes high-end components such as stainless steel vanes, bronze bearings, and ceramic shaft seals. These components have been engineered for maximum efficiency and reliability. The ceramic shaft seals provide an excellent seal and offer superior wear resistance, reducing maintenance costs over time. D65 BCS is equipped with a standard remote pump control, allowing users to monitor and control the pump from a central location. An optional integrated PLC module provides enhanced data logging and process control. Additionally, the pump is designed with a gas ballast valve, designed to provide additional control for gas and heavy vapors. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65BCS is certified for use in a variety of industries including medical, cold vacuum, welding, and semiconductor manufacturing. It is backed by a manufacturer's warranty and comes with an electronic user's guide, providing detailed information on how to maintain and use the pump. Finally, LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65 BCS comes with a number of accessories to make installation and maintenance easy.
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