Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65BCS #9076627 for sale

ID: 9076627
Mechanical pumps.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65BCS is a rotary pump designed for vacuum applications. It is capable of providing a clean, dry, and reliable operation. The pump features a maximum rotary speed of 420 rpm, a compression rate of 5.2 m3/h, and is capable of providing an ultimate pressure of 0.005 mbar. The pump is ideal for use in laboratories and industrial processes where a deep and stable vacuum is needed. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65 BCS is powered by a 4-pole asynchronous motor and is designed to be durable and energy efficient. It is designed with an oil lubrication system that reduces the need for regular maintenance and helps to reduce the cost of operation. The pump also features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel shell, and all components are inside the vessel to ensure the highest level of safety. D65BCS is a hermetically sealed pump, and its design ensures a reliable and leak-free environment. It features an integrated oil baffle that separates the internal pumping elements from the gas before it exits the pump. This prevents any particles that may be present in the atmosphere from entering the pump. D65 BCS is also designed with an external exhaust port which allows for safe and easy venting of the pumping process. This makes it ideal for hazardous applications. The volume of the exhaust can also be adjusted to the requirements of the user. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65BCS is a reliable and efficient pump that is easy to install and operate. It provides a high-performance solution for vacuum applications whilst offering a low-noise and efficient operation. With its durable construction and high safety standards, this pump is the perfect choice for laboratory and industrial vacuum applications.
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