Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65BCS #9095092 for sale

ID: 9095092
Vacuum pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65BCS is a powerful, high performance vacuum pump that has a variety of uses across many industries. It is designed specifically for high-vacuum applications and can be used in a variety of settings such as for waste treatment systems and in other industrial processes. This pump has an impressive ultimate pressure of 1 mbar, and is capable of pumping up to 250 l/s of gas. The electric motor that powers the LEWBOLD HERAEUS LEYBOLD HERAEUS D65 BCS is a three phase motor with a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz. It is designed with a three-phase voltage that ranges from 230V to 415V and up to 7.5 kW. The pump has a multi-stage rotary mechanism that features a claw rotor with planetary gear. It also features a case that is sealed against oil and has an oil bath lubrication system with filter. This is designed to create an oil-free environment and ensure the pump runs smoothly and safely. The LEWBOLD HERAEUS D65BCS also has an alarm system that allows users to monitor the pressure, temperature and flow rate with its built-in pressure gauge and liquid crystal display. Additionally, it comes with a control knob and a safety valve that helps in controlling pressure levels and preventing overloading. The pump is able to handle a wide range of gases and liquids and is well-suited for difficult and long vacuum operations. It is incredibly quiet, emitting only 66 decibels of sound when operating, making it ideal for populated locations. The pump is also designed with a self-priming system that allows for faster start up time and easy maintenance. Finally, the LEWBOLD HERAEUS D65 BCS is certified by various safety organizations, including CE, CSA, UL and NFPA, giving customers confidence in its integrity and reliability. As a result, this high-performance vacuum pump is well-suited for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.
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