Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D8A #135735 for sale

ID: 135735
Direct drive rotary vane pumps, 7 CFM, 115VAC.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D8A is a robust, mechanically sealed, rotary vane vacuum pump designed for industrial applications and processes. The pump is a multi-stage radial vane pump that has a quiet, simple design and an efficient operating principle. The housing of D8A is manufactured from quality cast aluminum, protecting the motor and transmission from environmental exposure. The cooling fan is attached to the pump housing for efficient operation. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D8A pump is driven by a single-phase AC electric motor. The motor is insulated and protected from wear from contact with the oil. It has a ball bearing construction for high speed operation and improved shaft/bearing life. The rotor of D8A is surrounded by two vanes that rotate inside the pump housing. The vanes are driven by a timing belt, allowing for controlled and efficient rotation. The pump features integrated non-return valves and an integrated oil splash seal. These features ensure low maintenance and maximum reliability. The integrated choke valve in the pump helps stabilize the operating performance of the pump while also helping reduce vibration. The housing and rotor of LEYBOLD HERAEUS D8A have been designed to prevent wear and debris build-up. The pump has a low noise level and minimal maintenance requirements, meaning it can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. The built-in non-return valves also help maintain a consistently high level of vacuum. Overall, D8A pump is a reliable, effective and efficient solution for industrial applications and processes. Its robust design and efficient operation make it a great choice for long-term use.
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