Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS D8AC #9059979 for sale

ID: 9059979
Vacuum pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS D8AC oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump is a compact, reliable, and easy to use pump used in all types of vacuum-reliant processes. The single-stage, rotary vane design of D8AC produces an extremely economical and cost-effective operation with a deserved reputation for quiet operation and long service life. This small but powerful pump is capable of reaching a medium-high vacuum level as low as 10-3 mbar (7.5 * 10-3 Torr), making it ideal for most research and industrial processes. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D8AC operates on motor power directly connected to the pump's mechanical pump head, allowing for the convenient control of its rotary speed. The precision-engineered vanes move freely within the confines of the dynamic and static shoes, efficiently creating a rapidly moving vacuum. Further efficiency is provided by the mechanical seals of D8AC, designed to prevent oil leakage from the pumping chamber, but still allowing for adequate lubrication of the system. LEYBOLD HERAEUS D8AC is equipped with an easily accessible oil collection bottle, allowing for a quick and easy collection and disposal of used oil. D8AC features air cooling for the motor and an extra-deep oil separator system, ensuring that the maximum amount of oil is removed from the pumped air. This helps to both reduce the amount of maintenance needed and to extend the useful life of the pump. Further enhancing the energy efficiency of LEYBOLD HERAEUS D8AC, the motor is fitted with a temperature sensor to protect the pump from too much heat. D8AC is designed to operate between a wide range of pressures, making it versatile for a variety of vacuum processes. It is simple and economical to use, making it an ideal choice for industrial and research applications. It boasts a low noise emission, making it suitable for labs, workshops, and other noise-sensitive areas. The wide range of accessories available for LEYBOLD HERAEUS D8AC also make it an upgradeable and customizable system.
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