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ID: 9098218
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LEYBOLD HERAEUS DK200 is a high-performance diaphragm pump designed for applications where reliable operation and extended periods of operation are necessary. This pump is ideal for vacuum applications in areas such as aquariums, food and beverage processing, printing, laboratories, and medical equipment. DK200 provides an extremely lightweight and compact design to accommodate easier handling and installation. LEYBOLD HERAEUS DK200 pump comes equipped with a reliable PTFE diaphragm drive and an advanced electrical control system. The diaphragm drive utilizes a high-performance piston sealed by a robust PTFE seal. This combination ensures long-term consistent performance. The electrical control system is a low-voltage frequency control that is adjustable according to the vacuum requirements. This optimized power delivery leads to improved efficiency and extended life of the pump. DK200 comes with a beautiful brushed aluminum housing, making it stylish and easy to maintain. It also has special features like a built-in condensate control which removes condensates and other contaminants from the pumped air. This pump also has a range of accessories such as vacuum pressure switches, exhaust traps, filters and more. All these features combine to make LEYBOLD HERAEUS DK200 an all-round reliable vacuum pump. The pump is driven by an external single phase motor with a power rating of 1250W. This motor is coupled to the pump with a shaft driven by an integrated frequency inverter. This ensures a stable and adjustable performance without manual adjustment. The variable speed of the pump allows the user to get the right vacuum pressure for any application. The frequency converter also allows the pump to start and stop easy and quickly. Finally, this exceptional diaphragm pump is backed by LEYBOLD HERAEUS industry-leading warranty, ensuring reliable operation and long-term peace of mind. Whether it's for an aquarium, food and beverage processing, printing, laboratory, or medical equipment, DK200 diaphragm pump is the perfect choice for any application where reliable performance and extended periods of operation are required.
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