Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS DK25 #122545 for sale

ID: 122545
Piston pump, 208/460V.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS DK25 is a precision rotary vane vacuum pump designed for use in a variety of industrial and scientific applications. This robust and reliable pump operates on a three-stage principle by compressing gas through two counter-rotating vane sets. The first stage is an envelope of blades that works to remove majority of the gases from the equipment. Compression then takes place in the second stage, and entrainment of the gas is removed in the third stage. This allows for the desired level of vacuity to be achieved. DK25 has a capacity of 25 m³/h and features a low-noise operation level at 63dB(A). It also has an excellent ultimate vacuum rating of 7x10-2 mbar. The integrated water-cooling system makes this pump well suited for continuous use and ensures that the temperature of the exhaust gas is within the safe limits of the materials used. Further, the sturdy base of the pump increases its stability, thus improving its operation safety. LEYBOLD HERAEUS DK25 is also equipped with several monitoring and protection devices that provide added safety and reliability while in use. These include an integrated oil-loss alarm unit to alert when the pump needs to be refilled with oil, as well as a temperature and pressure monitoring machine to oversee's the pump's temperature and pressure levels during operation. DK25 is designed as a general-purpose pump for a wide range of applications and is suitable for medium to high vacuum systems. It is well suited for pumping air, CO2, N2, as well as other non-condensable and condensable gases. In general, it has the ability to handle a variety of gas streams and can be used for a wide range of applications, ranging from laboratory and analytical equipment to medical, laser and food storage applications. Compact and reliable, LEYBOLD HERAEUS DK25 is an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial and scientific customers who require a precision vacuum pump. Its robust and efficient design, long-term durability, low noise operation and uninterrupted service make it a reliable and a cost-effective choice.
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