Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS DK50 #122547 for sale

ID: 122547
Piston pump, 208/460V.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS DK50 is a single stage,dry,rotary vane vacuum pump. It offers both high ultimate pressure and excellent compression ratio. This pump is maintenance free and comes with various features that make it an efficient and reliable choice for many applications. DK50 offers very quiet operation with an exceptionally low pulsation of <0.5 Hz. It also offers a maximum speed at16,000 rpm, enabling fast and efficient operation for many applications. It offers superior reliability with a long service life due to its advanced bearing design, one-piece alloy cylinder, and carbon vanes. The pump can be used to maintain both a vacuum and a pressure environment. It has a roller bearing-supported drive shaft, which improves reliability and reduces vibration. The direct drive motor is available in both single- and three-phase configurations, with high performance and low energy consumption. The motor is water-cooled for maximum efficiency and for increased durability. The pump has a 6-pole motor that helps maintain a smooth vacuum operation and an operational temperature range between -10°C and +40°C. The robust design and the high quality bearings allow it to be used in any orientation. The forged aluminum alloy cylinder head helps to reduce vibration and noise. LEYBOLD HERAEUS DK50 features an integrated gas ballast valve that allows the pump to be operated without oil mist, as well as with a back pressure valve that eliminates mechanical shock. The integrated intake is equipped with a silencer and both silencers provide clean exhaust air. The easy-to-use, built-in service ports make maintenance quick and simple. DK50 is perfect for many different applications, such as medical & medical equipment, laboratory instrumentation, bottling & canning, printing, food processing and environmental protection. It is also ideal for vacuum drying, secondary oil retention, cold traps, and filling of composite cans. LEYBOLD HERAEUS DK50 has all of the features that are needed for reliable, efficient and quiet operation.
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