Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS DryL #135742 for sale

ID: 135742
Dry pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS DryL is a dry running, oil-free vacuum pump designed for laboratory, industrial, food, and hazardous environments. This reliable and efficient pump offers superior performance with its advanced technologies and features. DryL features two independent pumps to provide improved vacuum capacity and exceptional reliability. Its direct drive design eliminates the need for belts or chains, further enhancing its durability and long-term maintenance. LEYBOLD HERAEUS DryL is equipped with an energy-saving motor to reduce electricity costs, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Its low-maintenance design includes two removable suction chambers that reduce the need for cleaning and provide fast, easy maintenance access. DryL is equipped with temperature-resistant silicon carbide rotors and a PTFE-coated inlet valve which eliminates wear and tear and ensures improved performance with low maintenance and long lifetime. The hermetically sealed design allows for no cross contamination, which is ideal for hazardous applications. LEYBOLD HERAEUS DryL also features an integrated condensation separator to reduce maintenance time and cost. This separator can also be used to remove any air from the system and improve the efficiency of the pump. The integrated vacuum controller optimizes performance by providing full load and partial load control, as well as an automatic shutdown feature. DryL is UL listed and RoHS compliant, providing superior safety and reliability for use in hazardous environments and vacuum processes. LEYBOLD HERAEUS DryL is a reliable, efficient, and low maintenance vacuum pump that is ideal for industrial, laboratory, and hazardous environments. Its hermetically sealed design and advanced features provide superior safety, performance and lifetime.
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