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Dryvac 2
ID: 174341
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LEYBOLD HERAEUS Dryvac 2 is an industrial-grade pump designed for many industrial applications. The pump has been designed to provide reliable and efficient service for many years. It is designed for use in vacuuming applications such as glass manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, and the food industry. Dryvac 2 is a single-stage direct-drive, oil-lubricated pump which is capable of reaching a maximum vacuum pressure of 0.33 mbar (0.1 Torr). It is powered by a reliable and efficient direct-current motor. The motor is rated typically at 0.75 kW and comes with three-phase AC power support. The adjustable speed feature allows the user to run the motor at a wide range of speeds (900 to 3350 rpm), giving them the ability to adjust the force of the pump's suction. The motor is also equipped with insulation and an overload protection system to ensure its performance and safety. The pump is designed for both continuous-duty and intermittent operations. The lubrication system ensures that the dry-running rotary piston mechanism reaches optimal performance and long-term reliability. The exhaust valve assembly is designed to prevent large particles from being suctioned into the system and allows for easy disassembly of the pump for maintenance or repair. Additionally, the blower wheel is designed for wear-resistant and long-lasting performance as well as up to 2.7 kg/h of air intake. LEYBOLD HERAEUS Dryvac 2's reduced noise and vibration levels make it especially suited for applications where noise must be kept to a minimum. The pump is fitted with an inlet filter and an exhaust filter, ensuring that only clean air is drawn in and cleaned air is released into the environment. The pump is sealed to prevent leaks and dust and other particles from coming into contact with metallic parts of the pump. Combined with its efficient performance, the pump has a robust construction and an advanced design which makes it an ideal option for many industrial applications. With superior filtration and an adjustable speed, Dryvac 2 is the perfect solution for handling the demands of many industrial processes.
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